OHIO Phlebotomy

12 Oct 2018



Healthcare Services

Contract to Hire


1 - 3 years

We are seeking an experienced phlebotomist to join our growing healthcare team throughout the state of OHIO. In this position, you will draw blood from patients and donors, identifying and labeling all drawn blood accurately for tests, transfusions, research, and/or blood donations. You will take patient and donor information, record documentation, monitor patient throughout the procedure, and store samples as required.

Phlebotomist Duties and Responsibilities

·         Draw blood from patients and blood donors

·         Assemble and set up medical instruments (needles, test tubes, blood vials, etc.)

·         Position and prepare the patient for blood drawing

·         Make sure patient or donor is calm and comfortable

·         Monitor the patient for reactions; monitor equipment operations

·         Monitor and take patient vital signs and heart rate as needed

·         Educate patient on immediate after care

·         Provide patient care and support

·         Verify a patient or donor identity

·         Label drawn blood properly for testing and processing

·         Enter patient information into database

·         Maintain a clean and sanitary space; sterilize supplies properly

·         Process and update required records and documentation

·         Ensure donor confidentiality

Phlebotomist Requirements and Qualifications

·         High school degree or equivalent

·         Phlebotomy Technician certificate or license from The National Center for Competency            Testing (NCCT), National Healthcareer Association (NHA), the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), or the American Medical Technologists (AMT)

·         Understanding of standard blood drawing practices and procedures

·         Proven experience as a phlebotomist

·         Strong computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite or similar software

·         Good interpersonal skills and communication

·         Able to work nights, evening hours, weekends, holidays, and extended shifts

·         Able to stand on feet, bend, and move through shift

·         Strict adherence to safety regulations, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals

·         Knowledge of aseptic and sterilization techniques